Anatomy & Physiology I and II The Human Body (Course Number: A&P101/102)

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Please note
Day classes- must have 3 students to move forward
Eve classes- must have 5 students to move forward
Please note if you sign up in October 2018 you will NOT finish before the application deadline for the VN program 19-21.

This course teaches how the human body works system by system and meets the pre-requisite course requirement for Anatomy/Physiology I and II for application to our VN Program. Please contact the school for the most current class schedule or online at

Class Schedule:

Evening Classes:
Mon/Wed evenings 6-8:45 pm
Tues/Thursday evenings 6-8:45pm

Mon/Wed mornings 10:00- 12:45 pm.
Students MUST have enrollment packages and the course fee 15 business days prior to the course starting.

Textbook: Herlihy Sixth Edition (Effective March 15, 2018) The Human Body in Health and Illness I978-0-323-49844-9. (Required day one of class)

Study Guide: (optional) Herlihy Sixth Edition The Human Body in Health and Illness ISBN 978-1-4557-7459-3 If you wish to purchase your textbook and not have the school provide it this must be expressly requested in writing upon enrollment otherwise the school will provide the text book for the student. The schools cost for the text book is $68.95 + shipping and handling (est. $5) = $73.95.

Admission Requirements: 17 years of age, or high school graduate, or GED. Students MUST have 3 credit hours of Anatomy and Physiology in order to meet our Vocational Nursing Program course requirements.

Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently.

Clock Hour Length: 54 clock hours

Objective: Participant will learn basic anatomy and physiology of the human body.

To enroll in this course, we MUST have enrollment packages and the course fee 15 business days prior to the course start date.