Nurse Aide Program - Vision & Goals

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Nurse Aide Program Mission:

Our mission is to prepare competent, nursing assistants, that are knowledgeable and safe, with a caring attitude, who are able to provide nursing care and/or coordinate care for clients in the long-term care, home health, hospice, and hospital settings. Graduate nursing assistants should be prepared to use their skills, knowledge, and understanding for giving safe, quality health care to their clients.

Facilities & Equipment

The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. is located at 11201 Steeple Park Drive Houston, Texas 77065. The facility includes a large classroom equipped with desks, laptop computers, whiteboard, and an overhead projector. There is also a clinical lab equipped with beds, mannequins and other necessary nursing equipment. The school has a student break area, telephones for student use, and restrooms.


The school is Non-Profit and is run by a non-profit board. Kimberley Kelly, RN, BSN, LNC is the President of the Non-Profit Board

School Director, Clinical Coordinator, Instructor

Kimberley Kelly RN, BSN, LNC

Goals for the Nurse Aide Program

  1. To prepare the graduates to be able to utilize their skills and knowledge for providing safe, effective individualized care to clients, having basic nursing care needs as assigned under the direction of a Registered Nurse.
  2. To prepare the graduates to be able to differentiate the role of the Nursing Assistant within the healthcare team.
  3. To prepare the graduates to use communication skills while interacting with clients, families, communities, and members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  4. To prepare the graduates to successfully complete the Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide program and pass the NACTEP on the first writing.
  5. To prepare the graduates to incorporate principles from the nursing assistant program to provide competent care to clients of different ages with different bio-psychosocial needs.
  6. To prepare the graduates to be knowledgeable of adhere to professional standards incorporating legal and ethical responsibilities of a Nursing Assistant.


The vision of VNI, Inc. is to provide a learning environment and opportunity which will allow each student to learn and become proficient as a nursing assistant depending upon the program they are enrolled within. The practice settings will include but is not limited to hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, clinics, and other managed care facilities.


  1. The philosophy of The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. mirrors that of the philosophy of the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) in the State of Texas. The mission, vision, objectives, and goals of The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. supports the philosophy of the nursing assistant, to provide quality instruction, provide instruction which encourages a studentŐs personal growth, knowledge, and competence.
  2. The faculty at The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. believes in fulfilling the role as educator, motivator, facilitator, challenger, as well as supporter, and instigator for knowledge. We, as the faculty, will strive to provide a learning environment that is welcoming, warm, enlightening, non-threatening, but at the same time challenging, and accesses the critical thinking processes of its students. The curriculum is presented in such a way that it covers basic core materials and builds upon content to assist the student to build and utilize their critical thinking and conceptualization skills as well as technical skills via the skills lab and then actual clinical rotations.
  3. The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. nursing assistant educational program will introduce students to the basic concepts as outlined in the nursing assistant curriculum. The students of this program upon graduation will be prepared and competent to fulfill the Nursing Assistant role intellectually, perceptually, and will be able to perform the technical skills required for this position.