Tuition & Fees

Vocational Nurse Evening Program

Tuition and fees are as follows. Course text is included.

There is no Registration Fee.

Vocational Nurse / Training Course Fee: $28,500

Payment Types: Students are encouraged to pay the full tuition upon enrollment. Payment methods accepted are check, cashier's check, MasterCard or Visa. (No interest is charged). The school is Title IV approval and has Pell grants, Direct Loans, and Campus Based Funds.

  • Monthly Payments: If the student opts to make monthly payments, $2,500.00 is due upon enrollment, and $1368.42 is due monthly by the 10th of each month for 19 months. If the student fails to make their payment by the 10th of each month they will be terminated from the program. Exceptions will not be made.
  • The school is also a vendor for the Texas workforce solutions where financial aid is available.
  • For additional financial assistance please talk to a school representative or visit our financial aid page.


  • Text books *** (If a student notifies the school upon enrollment they will provide their own textbooks then $621.23 will be deducted from total tuition cost)
  • Companion CD's ***
  • CPR training ***
  • Lab fees
  • Clinical Rotation
  • Classroom Instruction
  • All final exams at our testing site
  • 2 day NCLEX review program and preparation for NCLEX exam
  • ATI reviews after each course
  • E-books
  • Background Check *** (all students must have a clear criminal background check prior to being admitted to the program. Conviction of a crime as outlined by the TBON may prevent admittance to the school. Vocational Nursing students must be fingerprinted for the Board of Nursing in the State of Texas. This is at their own cost upon graduation.
  • Remediation
  • Case Studies
  • Lab activities/simulation activities
***VA does not pay for these expenses


*Required Pre-admission HESI test: $49.99/student
(Note: You must achieve a 80% on this test in order to qualify for admission within the last 3 years.)

*Required Supplies

  • White Duty Shoes - no open toe, clogs, or canvas $29.00
  • Watch with a second hand $30.00
  • White pantyhose or white ankle length socks $ 3.00
  • 3-ring 2" or 3" loose leaf notebook $ 3.00
  • Notebook paper $ 3.00
  • #2 pencil $ .99
  • Pens (black only) $ 1.99
  • Highlighter $ 2.50
  • Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope $39.99
  • Scrubs Hunter Green Top and bottom $22.50

Total Estimated Cost: $135.97 + $49.99 for *HESI test + $28,500 = $28,685.96

Optional Supplies

  • Bandage Scissors
  • Nursing Bag

*Items are subject to cost change.