Tuition & Fees

Anatomy & Physiology I and II The Human Body Course

Fees: Call the school 832-237-2525 for current pricing.
Optional Fees: Study guide to accompany the text book, cost is $45.00*

Students may opt to order their own textbook and must notify the school upon enrollment if they are going to Provide their own book. The student MUST have their book the first day of class. If the student does not notify the School upon enrollment (deposit of registration fee) they are buying their own book then the school will provide and charge for the book.

Introduction to the structure and function of the body2.25
Chemistry of Life 2.25
Cells and Tissues 2.25
Organ Systems of the body 2.25
Mechanisms of Disease 2.25
Integumentary System and body membranes2.25
Skeletal system 2.25
Muscular system 2.25
Nervous system 2.25
Senses 2.25
Endocrine system 2.25
Blood 2.25
Heart and heart disease 2.25
Circulation of the blood 2.25
Lymphatic system and immunity 2.25
Respiratory system 2.25
Digestive system 2.25
Nutrition and metabolism 2.25
Urinary system 2.25
Fluid and electrolyte balance 2.25
Acid-base balance 2.25
Reproductive system 2.25
Growth and development 2.25
Genetics and genetic diseases 2.25
Total Clock Hours 54