Medical Terminology

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Monday & Wednesday Classes

Start Date End Date
5-Feb-24 11-Mar-24
18-Mar-24 17-Apr-24
22-Apr-24 22-May-24
3-Jun-24 3-Jul-24
8-Jul-24 7-Aug-24
12-Aug-24 16-Sep-24
23-Sep-24 28-Oct-24
4-Nov-24 4-Dec-24
6-Jan-25 10-Feb-25

Saturday Classes

Start Date End Date
3-Feb-24 24-Feb-24
2-Mar-24 23-Mar-24
6-Apr-24 27-Apr-24
4-May-24 1-Jun-24
8-Jun-24 29-Jun-24
13-Jul-24 3-Aug-24
10-Aug-24 7-Sep-24
14-Sep-24 5-Oct-24
12-Oct-24 2-Nov-24
7-Dec-24 28-Dec-24
7-Jan-24 25-Jan-24
1-Feb-24 22-Feb-24

This course is 30 hours in length (15 hours didactic and 15 hours of lab) and meets this schools pre-requisite requirement for our effective cohort 2019.

This course can be taken as a stand-alone course for one who wishes to enter into the medical profession or who is a caregiver already and desires to gain more knowledge.

Pre-requisite: 16 years of age

This course covers basic word structure, organization of the body, suffixes, prefixes, and medical specialist and case reports. The textbook.

Includes body systems, diagnostic tests and procedures, abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, and eponyms. It also includes quick drug reference, Allied health careers, ad a glossy of english-spanish terms and word parts.